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food intolerance

Why is it blank? Because this is for you to fill in your sensitive foods. Many people are sensitive to certain foods but don’t know it at all. Unlike food allergies, food allergies usually attack quickly and violently. Symptoms caused by food intolerance may take longer to show up. Therefore, when symptoms of food intolerance do occur, They are often cleared as common mild illnesses such as fatigue and headaches. But repeated long-term exposure to irritating food Can cause inflammation and lead to chronic diseases. Find them in the following foods: Common food allergens are gluten, milk, nuts, eggs, and nightshades. Contrary to popular belief, You may be allergic to the foods you eat regularly. Alternative: If you suspect that certain food may cause your food intolerance To respond, please try to avoid it completely for about two weeks and monitor your reaction At the end of the abstinence period, food is reintroduced into the diet. If you are actually Incompatible with it, you should be able to notice a difference in how you feel at ease. There, 13 foods that cause inflammation should be avoided. In order to control inflammation, you must address its root cause. Cut off foods that promote inflammation, and add foods that fight inflammation. First, change canola oil to olive oil or coconut oil Season with turmeric and anti-inflammatory herbs. Focus on unprocessed whole foods and maintain moisture. Finally, pay attention to your health by exercising regularly and reducing stress levels. The most important thing is to ensure 7-9 hours of sleep Help your body restore health at night and reduce inflammation every day.
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