3 healthy condiments for all types of meals

Today we’re making three delicious condiments. We’ve got The Best Shallot Dressing Recipe, Perfect Vegan Lemon Dill Sauce, and Super Easy Spicy Mango Salsa.

So I like to share recipes like this from time to time, because not only are they easy to make, but they’re something that you can use in a bunch of different ways,

Whether it’s making a homemade salad dressing that goes well with tons of different flavors, or the sauce that I’m gonna show you, which goes well with so many different things.

Then the salsa is a mango salsa that can be used as a dip, it can be used on tacos, it can be used on top of grilled tofu or fish, et cetera.

There are just so many uses for each of these recipes.

The Best Shallot Dressing Recipe

traditional side salad

All right, so we are kicking off with Matt’s famous shallot dressing. This recipe is our go-to salad dressing and it’s so good.

We are going to start by finely chopping up a shallot, Once you have that finely diced, you can add it into a mason jar or whatever sort of dressing container you like to use.

Then in addition to the shallot, you’re also gonna add in some extra virgin olive oil, as well as some red wine vinegar, a little bit of mustard, any type is fine, we like to use whole grain.

Some salt and pepper, as well as some pepper flakes if you are somebody that likes heat.


Then we finish things off with a little bit of lemon juice, it’s the juice of a whole lemon.

Shallot Dressing Recipe

And if you are making this in a mason jar, you can just screw the lid on top and then give it a good shake.

One thing that you could also add, and we like to add sometimes is a grated fresh garlic clove or just a chopped up garlic clove, it adds a little bit of extra flavor.

So this is our, like I said, go-to salad dressing. And this is just like a traditional side salad that I love to serve it with.

But I find that this really goes with any type of green, any type of toppings, and I think you guys are really gonna like it.

Perfect Vegan Lemon Dill Sauce

Perfect Vegan Lemon Dill Sauce

The next recipe is a creamy vegan lemon dill sauce. And we’re gonna start by adding some raw cashews into a blender, also gonna add in some fresh dill, and some lemon juice.

In addition to the lemon juice, you also add the zest of the lemon, and then you finish things off with a pinch of salt and pepper.

The liquid that you’re gonna use to blend is just gonna be filtered water. You wanna add in about a cup of that, and then you can just blend it up until it is smooth and creamy.

And this is like a kind of thick sauce, and it pairs really well with seafood, but also pairs really well with like lighter protein, so tofu, or tempeh.

It’s also really good as a dip. So you could serve this as an appetizer with crackers or cut up cucumbers, or something like that.

It’s really, really tasty. And I actually brought this to a family vacation and everybody loved it.

So I think it’s definitely a win, and great for summer.

Super Easy Spicy Mango Salsa

Then lastly, I’m gonna show you how to make my simple and semi-spicy mango salsa.

We’re gonna start by chopping up our mango. The best way to chop up a mango I have found is to slice it along the pit.

So the pit runs the skinny way of the mango if that makes sense like the pit is kind of skinny, and you wanna cut on the side of the mango.

Slice on either side of the pit and then you can slice the top of the mango, and the bottom of the mango around. And then we are going to just cut the flesh out from the skin and dice it up.

Super Easy Spicy Mango Salsa

And if you guys have other ways that you like to cut mangoes, drop those down in the comments, I would love to know.

I know that people kind of struggle with cutting mangoes, but this is the way that I have found to be the easiest. And as long as you cut in the direction that the pit is going, you will be able to get most of the flesh.

Once you have the mango, set that aside, and finally dice up some red onion. And I used about a quarter of red onion. We’re also gonna finely chop up about half a jalapeno.

If you don’t like spice, you can leave this out, or you could swap it with just a green bell pepper.

Then we can work on assembling our salsa. So add the mango into your bowl first, followed by your red onions, and some cilantro, your jalapenos, the juice of some lime, as well as a little bit of salt and pepper.

Stir everything together, and that is your super simple mango salsa.
As I said, this is really great just served on its own with chips, another great appetizer option, or it’s really great on top of tacos.

I’ve done this on tofu tacos, I’ve done this on bean tacos, I’ve done this on fish tacos.

It’s also delicious on top of like an avocado toast, or anything that kind of uses or needs a little bit of brightness and sweetness.

So it’s really delicious, and I think you guys are gonna love it so I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Super Easy Spicy Mango Salsa

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