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Orange Julius is one of those drinks that bring so many childhood memories into my mind. It is the drink that my siblings and I would come home to drink every day after school.

The habit has carried on and I still prepare it and drink it now. It is very healthy and easy to make. It takes only five minutes to create this creamy, refreshing, delicious, and sweet drink.

What Is Orange Julius?

Orange Julius is a 5-ingredient orange drink recipe that is easy to make. It is a sublime refreshing drink that you can make quickly at home and everyone will love it.

What makes it different from the normal orange juice is that it is creamy, frothy, and more flavorful which makes it really satisfying to drink.

History of Orange Julius

The famous orange Julius drink was first made by Julius Freed in 1926 in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.

In the beginning, the sales were very modest and reached about 20 dollars a day. Later on, in 1929, Freed’s real estate broker, Bill Hamlin, has suggested a mixture that is less acidic which made it easier for his stomach to digest.


Eventually, Freed made this mixture which made the drink creamier and frothier, and started selling it to the public. The sales have gone up from 20 dollars a day to 100 dollars a day.

The beverage has expanded more during the 1950s and 1960s as it started being sold on many shopping malls and county fairs.

The name of Orange Julius came from the way people used to order the drink while waiting in line by saying “give me an orange, Julius!” Currently, the Orange Julius chain has been bought and is run by Dairy Queen where you will most likely find it served in their restaurants.

How to Make Orange Julius?

The way to make an Orange Julius is very simple, easy, and doesn’t require lots of ingredients.

These are the following ingredients that you will need: Orange juice concentrate, water, milk, vanilla, powdered sugar, and ice cubes.

You put everything together in the blender and you mix and voilà! You can drink your homemade orange Julius now.

Orange Julius Variations

You can always get creative when it comes to making drinks that are made have an orange flavor and this is also the case with Orange Julius.

Here are a few variations that you can use to switch a little bit from the classical orange Julius flavor.

Dairy-free coconut orange:

If you want a dairy-free beverage then the task is easy. Use coconut milk instead of dairy milk.

You might even like it better than the original one as coconut adds such a tropical and fresh taste to the drink.

Strawberry orange:

Strawberries work like a charm with almost any juice or smoothie.


Throw some fresh or frozen strawberries into the blender with all of the other ingredients and mix them together.

This will give it a pinkish color as well as a tasteful flavor.

Orange Banana:

Banana is also one of the other ingredients that you can add to the orange Julius which will make it tastier. Just add frozen or fresh bananas and mix everything together.

You will notice that adding bananas is different than the previous options as it will make the drink creamier, thicker, and almost as smoothie-like.

Pineapple orange:

Who doesn’t love pineapples?

They really work best when added to the Orange Julius and is personally my favorite. Just add some fresh or frozen pineapple to it and you will see how delicious it is.

 There are some people who won’t agree to make these variations as a way to keep the orange Julius recipe as original as possible. However, we think these ingredients not only enhance the flavor of it but also the benefits of the nutrients it.

Can You Make Orange Julius With Fresh Orange Juice?

We get asked this question a lot of times and the simple answer is yes you can make an orange Julius using just fresh orange juice instead of concentrated orange juice.

There are a lot of people who actually use fresh juice as they try to avoid and eliminate any processed ingredients from their healthy diets.


However, you will notice that the texture won’t be as creamy and frosty as when you use concentrated orange juice, and also the taste will be a little bit less orangey.

You can either add fresh orange juice directly to the other ingredients or freeze it in an ice cube tray which will make the texture get closer to the original recipe.

Another way that could make the texture like the original one by still using fresh oranges is to just use whole oranges. Just peel them and add them to the other ingredients.

How to Make Orange Julius without orange juice concentrate?

So as we have seen, it is possible to make Orange Julius without using a concentrate.

The ingredients will be the same as the original recipe except for the fact that you should replace orange juice concentrate with fresh orange juice.

To do so here is what you will need to do: into a blender, add water, milk, vanilla, sugar, ice cubes, and fresh orange juice.

You can also use the same ingredients and instead of adding orange juice, add 4 whole peeled oranges. This will help the texture to be creamier and frothier.

Can you add ice cream to a homemade Orange Julius? 

In some orange Julius recipes, you will find another ingredient which is egg whites. Egg whites give the drink that foamy look and creamy texture.

There is a way to substitute that ingredient which is by using Greek yogurt. Your choice here will depend on your personal taste of course.

Another way to substitute it is by using vanilla ice cream. So yes it is possible to add ice cream to a homemade Orange Julius.

I personally have tried it before and it works just well. Next time, just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you will see that you are going to like it.

Can You Freeze Orange Julius?

Yes, of course, you can freeze Orange Julius but only for two days maximum. Just pour it into an airtight container and put it in the freezer.

Sometimes it will not be possible to freeze it and that could be because of the expiration date of the milk that you have used.

That is why we always recommend drinking it fresh. Although you can freeze it just remember that it takes no longer than 5 minutes to make and there is nothing better than drinking it fresh.

Is Orange Julius Safe During Pregnancy?

I am not particularly sure how to answer these questions because I am not a doctor to give a reliable answer or advice on that but in my very humble opinion I think that there is nothing wrong with that.

The ingredients do not contain anything that is generally known as bad during pregnancy but I would still recommend you check with your doctor.

Are orange Julius Smoothies vegan?

With more and more people adopting the vegan lifestyle into their diets, it seems that there is a large number of drinks that they cannot consume and one of them is the orange Julius since it contains milk.

However, you can use other alternatives such as almond milk even with the flavor of vanilla or coconut milk.

The taste might not be as the original one but at least you will meet your healthy diet needs and the taste is still going to be very delicious.

This fresh drink is perfect for those summer days. It tastes really good and is the right beverage to share with your family and friends.

If you are someone who is in their 50s or 60s drinking it will bring so many memories to mind as back in the days this drink was served in malls in stands and it was the all-time favorite for the kids at that time.

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Homemade Orange Julius Recipe
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins

Making an orange Julius is super easy, won’t take you a lot of time, about 5 minutes maximum to prepare and is very cheap.

Here is what you will need:

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Orange Julius
Calories: 143 kcal
  • 2/3 cup of orange juice concentrate
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of milk
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla
  • ¼ cup of powdered sugar
  • 6 ice cubes (1/2 to 1 cup)
  1. Put everything together into a blender, preferably a smoothie blender, and mix everything until it is smooth.

  2. It should have that foamy look and the ice cubes should be crushed and blended well so to not choke on a piece while drinking it.

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